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Rockpanel brings together new design concepts with a sustainable cost effective facade board.

More often, Rockpanel products are applied in ventilated constructions, where they contribute to a healthy internal climate for the building, whether that is for a housing development, manufacturing facility, or a public or commercial building. Because of the unique characteristics of the material, most Rockpanel products are vapour-open, which means they can also be applied without ventilation in specific building situations. Because Rockpanel board material can also be manufactured vapour-closed, they are also ideal within sustainable developments, such as Passive Housing, where zero carbon emissions are paramount.

The Rockpanel group is part of Rockwool B.V.  The company manufactures board material for exterior cladding from the sustainable resource, basalt rock.  Rockpanel products combine all the benefits of stone and wood.

For many years, Rockpanel board material has been used in countries across Europe for finishing facades, and for details and features around the roof. Rockpanel boards offer limitless design possibilities, they are produced from a sustainable natural resource, and their unique properties mean they are durable, workable and very low maintenance.

Rockpanel …

… Contemporary design

Thanks to its unique properties, Rockpanel L is at the cutting edge of design themes which currently determine the architectural landscape. Rockpanel offers a rich design and colour range making the design possibilities endless. You can play with over 100 colours in the Rockpanel Rockclad palette, or discover the modern industrial style of Rockpanel Metallics, and for a real ‘wow factor’ why not consider Rockpanel Chameleon. The Rockpanel Woods range gives you an authentic wood look without the disadvantages of real wood, and for a naturally aged and weathered design style, why not opt for Rockpanel in its simplest form: Natural.

… Cost efficient

Basalt is the foundation of Rockpanel’s quality. This sustainable volcanic rock is converted through a unique, innovative production process, into a robust and flexible product offering a unique range of benefits. Rockpanel can be processed as easily as wood, thus keeping your construction and installation costs down. And it’s as durable as stone, 100% weather, temperature and UV proof, and low maintenance. The colours remain stable and the material does not delaminate or rot. So your building keeps its original freshness and good looks for a long time to come. In summary Rockpanel is the most cost efficient option for your design.

… Sustainable

As a company in the Rockwool Group, Rockpanel is concerned about environmental issues. Basalt is a natural material which is readily available and sustainable. Through a highly efficient manufacturing process we are able to produce more than 400 m² of Rockpanel boards from 1 m³ of basalt. And we continue to strive for even more efficient production techniques so that we can use our resources more efficiently.

Numerous Passive House and sustainability projects throughout Europe have proven that sustainability and modern architecture can go hand in hand. Rockpanel board materials are an effective cladding material used in these types of development.

And finally, all Rockpanel products are 100% recyclable.  At least 25% of our product is comprised of materials going into their second life phase, without any loss of quality.

For more information on Rockpanel products please contact Chris McComb on 07525 672892 or email

RockpanelMarleen Sahetapy Fotografie -RockPanel-60


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Versatile rainwater solutions from JP Corry

Versatile rainwater solutions from JP Corry

Guttercrest is one of the leading suppliers of standard and bespoke design aluminum rainwater goods, fascia/soffits, copings and column casings, with designs which accommodate both contemporary and period architecture. The complete Guttercrest range is available from JP Corry, with David Patton, Specialised Rainwater & Drainages Sales, working alongside the Guttercrest technical team to assist with design and specification process. The partnership delivers products that suit any roof or eaves on residential, commercial and public properties.

JP Corry supplied the Guttercrest aluminum rainwater goods for this large private residence in Co Down.

CM_Private residence Co Down

The gutter profile was 125×100 moulded ogee and downpipes were 100×75 rectangular with Georgian style cast collars, all in a black polyester powder coated finish.


The Georgian style pipes add great character to this property and given the varying detail of stonework, leading brand Guttercrest was able to manufacture several different bespoke swan necks to suit.


Specially made plinth offsets were also supplied with extended length tails for around the lower level of the property.  For more information please contact JP Corry rainwater and drainage specialist David Patton on 07841 970 707 or email

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Washrooms at Mevlin Sports Complex 

The JP Corry doors and washrooms department worked closely with McGuirk Architects and McAleer & Teague on the £3.2 million Melvin Sports Complex.

The building is located in Strabane and JP Corry was asked to provide toilet cubicles, IPS panels and vanity units for the locker room and toilet facilities. JP Corry supplied the Longlife eternal range and the service included on-site measuring, supply and fit.

melvin sports centre vanity unitsMens toilets Melvin sports centre

Washrooms systems are manufactured with a high quality PEFC birch combi core, along with PEFC certified HPL (High pressure laminate).

If you are interested in learning more about JP Corry’s long life washroom systems or commercial doors you can view our washroom brochure or commercial door brochure .Alternatively contact the washroom department directly on 028 9026 0286 or email

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Harmer stainless steel floor drains

The new Harmer stainless steel floor range offers an unrivalled choice of point drains and channel drains for the most demanding applications.  It is manufactured to the highest quality using AISI 304 & 316 grade stainless steel, and undergoes stainless steel passivation which enhances the corrosion resistance. All components are welded using argon shielding to ensure high quality joints.

CM_Harmer stainless steel

Harmer stainless steel floor drains offer the Specifier a wide range of drain bodies and channel drains to meet all types of applications including the following:


■ Food & Drink processing

■ Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries

■ Hospitals & Health

■ Utilities

■ Hotels / Restaurants

■ Energy Industry

■ Airports

■ Supermarkets

■ Cold Stores

■ Railways

■ Industrial Estates

■ Prisons

■ Sport Leisure

■ Parking areas

■ Residential

■ Wet rooms

Harmer stainless steel floor drains

Harmer offers a wide range of heavy duty stainless steel floor drains available either as a one or two part drain body, vertical or horizontal outlets and with a choice of either square or circular grate finishes which can be chosen according to application and load requirements.

Standard and slot channels linear floor drainage

The new range offers stainless steel linear floor drains, either as a standard or slot channel design with a choice of gratings to meet all application and load requirements. Both systems are configurable and can be interconnected enabling a drainage system to meet the most demanding and specific requirements.

Bathroom and wet room drains

The new high performance stainless steel linear wet room drain and shower drains are available with a choice of stylish grating options for tiled or sheet vinyl flooring to suit any wet room application.

For more information please contact JP Corry rainwater and drainage specialist David Patton on
07841 970 707 or email

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How to lay laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is durable and stain resistant and can be installed on most subfloors as long as they are firm, dry and level.

French oak laminate flooring

Things to do before laying your new laminate flooring:

  • If you are laying the flooring in a bathroom or kitchen make sure you check if it is moisture resistant to prevent swelling and buckling.
  • It is important to let your new flooring adjust to the temperature of the room it will be laid in and a good way to do this is to leave the unopened boxes of flooring in the room for a day or two before laying.
  • Read the manufacturer instructions so you fully understand how to fit the floor and know which tools to have to hand.
  • You may need to install a foam underlay on the subfloor in order to dry-fit the planks (this should be indicated in the instructions). The underlay can be cut to size with scissors.

Laying the laminate flooring

Laying a laminate floor is a bit like putting a jigsaw together – you will need to figure out where all the pieces fit in order to complete the puzzle.

The following steps should help:

  • When laying the first row of planks start at the left side of the room with the groove along the wall. Tilt the end of the laminate upwards and click it into place.
  • Check that the first row of planks is straight and that there are no gaps between the planks and wall. If there are gaps, these can be corrected if with spacers (please note that laminate flooring can shrink or expand so it is a good idea to keep a gap at all sides of the floor and use spacers that can be adjusted).
  • Use a tapping block to tap the planks into place. If there isn’t enough space at the end of a row for a tapping block, use a pull bar.
  • Use a saw to cut the planks to length so they fit into your space.Start the next row of planks with the remaining piece from the previous row.
  • For the last row of planks you may need to saw the plank length ways – make sure the groove is on the right side when you do this.
  • You should now have a lovely new laminate floor!

The following tools will come in handy when laying a laminate floor:

  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Handsaw
  • Hammer
  • Pull bar
  • Spacers
  • Goggles
  • Face mask

JP Corry currently has a number of special offers on Laminate Flooring.  Visit for more information.

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Technocover video reveals new concepts in physical asset protection for 2014

TECHNOCOVER’s latest video showcases new innovations in physical protection and access control for water infrastructure and other critical assets for 2014 and beyond.

It includes exciting advances in doors, access covers, dual compartment enclosures and modular buildings from the UltraSecure range of high security LPCB approved products, plus new options in access control, as previewed at this year’s Counter Terror Exhibition.

Technocover Physical Access Management

There’s a quick tour of the latest in pre-assembled, easy connection security kiosks which come complete with factory-fitted access control data exchanges, vision panels, lighting, heating and ventilation services. Look out for an aesthetic new interior lining, made from environmentally friendly, premium recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene).

The spotlight is also put on new technology for the hierarchical control of personnel access and integration of doors, cabinets and associated physical protection with central access management systems.

Security specifiers can view the latest generation of fob, keypad and radio-frequency identification (RFID) activated locks in action on UltraSecure Sentinel doors and other equipment. Watch out for new LCD privacy glass, switching from frosted to clear, and an innovative padlock with solenoid control.

Advances in horizontal access include a remote control motorised roof access hatch. There’s also a glimpse of a flush fitting 3-tier access cover for anti-contamination protection of underground tanks and facilities.

The video is online in Technocover’s media gallery at:

For more information on Technocover products please contact Ronnie West at JP Corry on 07714 662228 or email

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WPC Frost Blankets

Now the nights are drawing in and the temperature gauge is heading south, the problem of pouring concrete in Ireland’s notoriously fickle climate is once again raising its head.  Tencate Polyfelt are pleased to offer, through JP Corry (their sole agents in Ireland), a range of WPC ‘Frost Blankets’ to assist in the pouring of concrete in even moderate frost conditions.

Tencate WPC Frost Blankets   WPC Frost Blankets

This product, with its high tensile strength and exceptional insulation properties, offers protection in both the cold of winter and the heat of summer, where it can also prevent concrete from drying out too quickly thereby leading to cracking and water penetration.

Combining a high strength membrane with a non-woven geotextile ensures there is no formation of condensation under the covers allowing further peace of mind for the contractor.  This product is available with an impermeable membrane one or both sides and due to its robust design may be used repeatedly across various projects.

You can view the Technical Data sheet for this product here.

For more information on Tencate Polyfelt WPC Frost Blankets please contact Ronnie West at JP Corry on 07714 662228 or email